Find Success and Happiness with these Top Highest-Paying Jobs

These days, we all have to accept the fact that a good job means that you can lead a better, healthier life. But what jobs should you aim for, if you want to have cash on hand for the lifestyle that you want to have?

Well, as it happens, there is a list of top jobs you should aim for. These jobs are the ones that give you the most stability, the highest paychecks, and, really, the ones that can be your ticket to your dream life.

Here are the highest paying jobs:

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer networks and the Internet are becoming the lifelines of many companies, both internally and for their marketing and sales concerns. It’s no surprise CIS managers are in high demand. After all, it’s easy to see how important they are. Once your work PC goes down, you can practically see the amount of work that is piling up on your virtual desk for every hour you can’t be plugged into the network. The best industries for CIS managers to work in are in the motion picture industry and the finance sector.

Architectural / Engineering Managers

These managers may not have the instant respect that some people get with the job, but if you’re in the right industry, you can end up earning way beyond the expected pay scale. In particular, you should aim for the oil and gas industries, as their need for architectural and engineering managers are crucial to the efficiency of the fuel conduits, and how they transport products. Given the nature of the job, you will need quite a few years in the industry under your belt, aside from a bachelor’s degree that is related to the exact field you want to go into.


People may have many colorful names for lawyers, but it can’t be denied that if you need one, then you’d like to have a good one, the shark who is on your side. If you think about it, many lawyers can match the hourly rates of people in the medical field. If you want to be a good lawyer, you need to think quickly on your feet, and you should be very eloquent in your speech. And that’s aside from passing the bar.

Petroleum Engineers

If you think that architectural and engineering managers have it good in the oil and gas industry, meet the industry powerhouses, the petroleum engineers. These people are involved in the conversion of crude oil to the various types of fuel that the world runs on. Aside from having a degree in the field, it’s a good idea for a petroleum engineer to work in educational programs in the industry even before they graduate. And after they do, a few years experience is required for the more important positions.