Healthy Foods are Not-So-Healthy After All! Here are the Top 4 Healthy Food Items you should Stop Eating Immediately!


Not all “healthy” foods labeled in the supermarket are actually healthy. In fact, most of these information are nothing but marketing ploy to attract more customers to buy their goods.

In this article, we will enumerate some food items labeled healthy, but are actually quite the contrary!

  • Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are deliciously healthy…but only when you make it at home. The ones sold in restaurants and health food stores are loaded with fruit juices, sugars, and sweetened yogurt that are high in calories. If you want to make that smoothie legit healthy, buy fresh ingredients and create one by yourself. This method is cheaper too!

  • Granola

Granola bars seem to be the go-to snack of dieters and those in need of a “healthy” post-workout snack. But did you know that granola bars are actually loaded with tons of sugar? Half a cup of granola contains up to 597 calories. Now obviously, this is way beyond the recommended caloric intake for a “small” snack.

  • Protein Shakes

Juice bars are no offering protein shakes as part of their supposed efforts in helping consumers switch to a healthier lifestyle. The fact of the matter is these protein shakes that are being offered in juice bars and those in groceries are packed with sugars and artificial ingredients. Again, it’s still best to prepare your own protein shake. In this way, you can easily count the calories that you take in, and ensure that the ingredients are all fresh and organic!

  • Organic Candy

The candy part alone is a dead giveaway that these products are unhealthy. In terms of nutritional value, organic candies are saturated with sugars and chemicals that ensure they have longer shelf life. They contain low counts of vitamins and minerals, and in some cases, they contain the same elements as regular candy and sweets.

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