You Must Visit These Top 3 Italian Restaurants Located In Miami (24)

It is always a good sign when on a vacation that the restaurant you visit is full of local people (just like what I witnessed in an Italian Restaurant Miami). This is always a very positive sign that the food is of a high quality. The problem for most people is finding them, as those who are tourists no little about the area that they are visiting. Miami is famous for its cuisine, especially Italian. I have discovered the top 3 Italian restaurants located in Miami, Florida, and I list them below.

Casa Tua is situated in an Italian style villa, and inside it makes people feel like they are actually in Italy. This place can be hard to miss, as the outside signage is small. It is worth discovering though as the pasta and seafood meals are wonderful.

Bella Luna is much easier to find, as it is in the Aventura Mall. One of the favorites with the locals is the lobster Fradiavlo. They serve a wide variety of Italian food (including my favorite Brickell Italian food).

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana is a high end Italian restaurant, and the rich and famous visit here. It is not unusual to see people like Paris Hilton eating here.