A Trip of a Lifetime- How to Make a Successful Trip to the Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon National Park attracts at least five million visitors per year. It is one of the country’s most treasured tourist destinations and has been named as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its massive size, it is difficult to decide on where to start your trip once you arrive at the Grand Canyon. Here are pointers worth remembering if you want your trip to become an unforgettable one.

  • Pick places to visit

As mentioned earlier, the Grand Canyon is so huge, and due to its immense size it becomes rather difficult to decide on where to start your trip. Travel experts recommend visiting the South Rim Grand Canyon for first-time guests. Apart from being more accessible than the North Rim, the South Rim offers more accommodations, amenities, and activities for its guests. In addition, the South Rim is open all-year round whereas the North Rim is closed during winter.

  • Make reservations in advance

Due to the large crowds that the Grand Canyon attracts on a daily basis, it will be extremely difficult to get a hotel room or book a slot in any of their many campgrounds on the same day. If you want to avoid any problems, make sure to make reservations for accommodations in advance. Ideally, reserve a hotel room or a slot at the campgrounds a month before your trip. In this way, you will have the opportunity to choose the best hotels or camprounds inside the park.

  • Determine how many days your visit will be

You need to make a decision on the amount of days you intend to stay at Grand Canyon. A day trip simply isn’t enough for you to fully experience the beauty of this place. Make sure to dedicate at least two days to check out the most popular and interesting places in the Grand Canyon. One memorable attraction that everybody needs to check out is Havasu Falls- one of the five waterfalls located on a remote region of the South Rim.